South Asian Beauty Vloggers on YouTube

Beauty tutorials are by far the most popular videos on YouTube which is why I have often lamented that there are so few South Asian beauty vloggers on the site. That has definitely started to change over the last few years and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Farah Dhukai

Farah was one of the first Indian beauty vloggers I started watching on YouTube. Her videos offer a mix of makeup tips and tutorials as well as natural beauty remedies for everything from clearing up your skin to growing thicker hair and longer eyelashes. However, one of my favorite videos from Farah isn’t about hair or makeup but rather her?“draw my life” video where?she shares poignant stories about her life growing up and what led her to making videos on YouTube.

Elton Fernandez

Elton is a well known makeup artist in India, especially noted for his fashion editorial work. He’s got a?fun and playful take on beauty and is one of the few professional MUAs from India who have launched a channel on YouTube. It’s always great to see what products the pros use, especially when it comes to makeup colors that work well on South Asian skin tones.?I credit Elton with turning me on to the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, which I assumed would not have the right color for my skin tone.

Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal’s effervescent and charming personality is what initially drew me to her channel but it’s her skill with hair and makeup that kept me coming back. Check out her celebrity inspired?beauty looks to see what I mean. The British vlogger’s tutorials are well produced and easy to follow and I love her “monthly favorites” videos and product recommendations, which are always on point.


Amena is a wife and mum, also from the UK, whose fashion and lifestyle videos feature makeup how-tos, product reviews, fashion tips and hijab tutorials. What’s unique and wonderful about Amena’s channel is that her thoughts on fashion, beauty, life and relationships are from the perspective of a modern British Muslim woman.

Irene Mahmud Khan

If you like your makeup to be super glam, then Irene is the girl for you! The LA based vlogger?started her career as a photographer and began posting behind the scenes videos from her photo shoots on YouTube before deciding to get in front of the camera to film her own beauty tutorials.

Anchal MUA

Another Brit! Anchal is a recent discovery for me, having been recommend by my good friend Jamie. In addition to step-by-step makeup tutorials, she also helps you get the basics down, which is especially great for beauty beginners. Anchal was also the winner of the Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp competition presented by YouTube superstars, the Pixiwoo sisters.

I know there are more wonderful South Asian beauty vloggers than just the ones I’ve mentioned here so please let me know who you love watching in the comments below!

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