That Custom Made Life: Mindy Kaling’s CDGA Dress

Mindy Kaling’s CDGA Dress

Mindy Kaling’s CDGA Dress

When actress Mindy Kaling needs a dress to wear to an event, she doesn’t shop off the rack or speed dial her stylist. No, she just designs one herself. Okay, that isn’t entirely true but she did have a hand in designing the turquoise-blue, one-shoulder gown?she wore to the?Costume Designers Guild Awards over the weekend. The custom made gown was designed by?Salvador Perez who is the president of the Guild and the costume designer of Kaling’s show, ‘The Mindy Project.’?

Kaling said she wanted something colorful and dramatic and Perez showed her a few sketches from which she picked a design.


The next step was preparing a muslin sample to get the perfect fit before working with the real fabric.


Of the detailed process, Kaling told,?“Salvador had a vision and I was just excited to be part of it — I trust him implicitly. The color, the silhouette, the train, it’s all decadence and drama, cut in the most flattering shape. It felt like I was getting married, so much attention was paid to me looking my absolute best. When you have a gown custom-fit to you, there’s not the hell of trying on dresses and your ego getting hurt because it doesn’t fit in certain places.”



Kaling was so impressed with how beautifully the dress fit that she’s asked Perez to design her gown to wear to the Oscars next month!

Images courtesy of: People StyleWatch

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