A Day in The Life: Model Mariia Cherniakovych

What’s a day in the life of a model like during Fashion Week? Ukranian born Mariia Cherniakovych, who’s been working with Anima Creative Management?in India for the last five years, gives us a peek into her day during Amazon India Fashion Week in New Delhi. Take a look!

8 AM – I love to start the day with a protein packed breakfast.


9:30 AM –?Hit the gym for cardio and abs.


Right after the gym I go?to get some sun by the pool. From there straight to the sauna. Then back in the room to put on my fav Himalaya Neem face pack. Detox morning.


2 PM –?Lunch time before going to the venue: roast chicken breast – yummy source of protein for energy and some veggies. I try to eat light during the week.


2:30PM –?On the bus heading to the venue. Excited for the first day of fashion week! Black coffee for energy ??


3:30 PM – Getting hair and makeup done?for my first show, Payal Singhal.


A quick pose backstage before the show.


7:30 PM – Getting ready for the last show of the day. Crazy beauty for JJ Valaya’s “Bolshoi Bazaar” by the lovely Ambika Pillai ??



8:15 PM?– Healthy snack before the last show.


10:30 PM – Finally done for the day!!


11 PM –?Washing, intense conditioning and oil treatment for my hair before going to sleep. A few of?my must have products?during Fashion Week.


For more exclusive behind the scenes access to Fashion Week, check out?Mariia and Anima Creatives on Instagram!

Images courtesy of: Mariia Cherniakovych & Anima Creative Management.

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